Our Journey

The man behind Yaa Yaa grew up with the sauce always at home on his counter, made fresh by his mom, who was born and raised in Bangkok. As an adult family man, it has now become a fixture in his own fridge. 

When the founder's wife tried it, she too wanted to put it on everything. Not typically a hot sauce type of gal, it was at this moment that the two knew Yaa Yaa had to be shared.

The desire to connect with others through food, family, and tradition has driven the founders to embark on this journey to bring this taste of home to others.

We'd love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to drop us a note or, better yet, send along a picture of you loving Yaa Yaa Thai Hot Sauce.  

What do we love Yaa Yaa on the most? Eggs and rice. Breakfast tacos. Filet mignon. Lobster. Buttered pasta. Or, as a condiment to the leftover chicken nuggets we devour as we feed our two toddlers and newborn.

We hope our sauce makes you want to take a big chomp out of your food - and of your life.

คุณหิว? คุณกิน!